Meet Jezzie…

Jez is the mascot for Canaan Valley Farms. She is a 6 year old Mammoth Donkey.

Jez was rescued locally from a pretty terrible situation and is very thankful to be living here now. She loves peppermints and back scratches.

You may see her dust bathing in the lower pasture with her spindly legs in the air. It’s pretty hilarious to see!

Meet Dusty…

He is the Alpha Male of the Equine set here at Canaan Valley Farm. He is an 11 year old Belgium Percheron who loves apples and trail rides. Dusty is a very calm and sweet soul, who has a crush on a female deer he likes to hang out with when she comes to visit in the upper pasture.




Meet Mira…

Mira is a 8 year old paint horse. Mira was rescued from a slaughterhouse. She was in route when we saved her from a terrible fate. Mira had a pretty bad life, up until now, She is retired mostly, and just likes spending her days munching on grass and hanging out peacefully. Mira loves to be groomed to where she looks shiny and beautiful… and then she likes to go roll in the mud. We sometimes call her “Pigpen”.


Meet Cherokee… 

Cherokee is the oldest resident on Canaan Valley Farm. She is a 22 year old Tennessee Walking horse.

Cherokee is very sweet and has a crush on Lincoln.

Cherokee has arthritis and is slowing down a lot so she is completely retired. Peppermint candy is her favorite treat and she will always sniff people’s pockets to search for minty goodness.


Meet Lincoln…

He is the newest addition to Canaan Valley Farm. Lincoln is from Canada. He is a 6 year old Clydesdale Thoroughbred. Lincoln is like a 1,850 (and still growing!) pound puppy, who likes to follow people around. Lincoln is not aware of how big he is so he is in “horse school” to learn some manners.

Meet Cooper…

Cooper was rescued from a dog fighting ring, where he was to be used as a bait dog (unfortunately that is a common thing in North Carolina).

Cooper is the resident Love Bug and is very friendly. He loves cuddles and being told that he is very handsome.

He loves to steal the cat food. Connor is Cooper’s best friend.

Cooper likes to chase chickens and it makes him super happy when they squad and lose feathers, so Cooper is no longer allowed to be around the chickens unsupervised.



Meet Junie…

Junie is a 4 year old German Shepherd. She is the resident guard dog and is protective over her people. Junie’s parents were police dogs.

Junie has to have a “job” so if she isn’t running around keeping the other animals in check, she will carry sticks around (with no particular purpose… but she considers it a job!)


Meet Connor...

Connor was found under a house, where he was abandoned at barely 3 weeks old. We weren’t sure he was going to make it, but he pulled through and now considers himself to be a mountain lion, who loves to roam the woods, only to come howl at the door for his dinner (which has to be actual canned salmon, not that canned cat food stuff he hears the other cats eat).


Meet Alice…

Alice is a 16 year old Bassett Beagle, (we call her a BAGEL).

Alice is deaf and blind but still has the spirit of a young pup! She likes to go for swims in the pond and to roll around in the grass, then sunbathe for hours after.

Alice loves to eat. And eat. And eat.

Managing Alice’s weight has always been an issue.